27 January 2009


除夕前夕时去看姨妈时,碰上表姐与表姐夫。姨妈说:大家来得正好,我在姨丈裤袋里找到钱,大家各分一点放在红包里 heng heng (“兴兴”)。于是,我继承了姨丈的两张五元与两个五角。





14 January 2009

Happy Pongal

Pongal falls on the first day of the Tamil month Thai (January 14 — 15). Also known as Sarkarai Pongal or Veetu Pongal, it is celebrated by boiling fresh milk in new pots early in the morning and allowing it to boil over the vessel. This tradition gives Pongal its name. The moment the milk boils over and bubbles out of the vessel, the tradition is to shout "Pongalo Pongal!" and blowing the sangu (a conch), a custom practiced during the festival to announce it was going to be a year blessed with good tidings. It is considered a good sign to watch it boil over, since it means that good luck and prosperity is forthcoming.
Happy Pongal

09 January 2009

The next evening

Yesterday last week, I thought to myself that I should shave him again over the weekend. His whiskers were growing out, I noticed, and they had brought the shaver home.

While I am at it I should also clip his nails, I made a mental note.

That night, I packed the nail clipper and decided I would visit him the next evening instead waiting till the weekend. I texted my niece to bring the shaver.

Unfortunately, even the next evening was not good enough.

07 January 2009

我的姨丈 — 陈绳祠(1934 - 2009)