08 February 2009

Enamoured with the Museum

I was back at the National Museum again for coffee yesterday. Despite its sometimes tardy service, it has become one of my favourite places.

For me, »it's all about skylight.

Camera-phone series #7.

02 February 2009

Chingay in my 'hood

I thought it was very considerate of them to route 8 to 10 Chingay floats to my Ang Mo Kio suburb after the party in town. My street was all lined with old folks, kids, adults and notably, wheelchairs. Very kampong, for that hour or so. I like!

As the Gini coefficient of Singapore gears upward, as we pepper our talk with HNWIs and F1s, such gestures to make them comprehensible to the masses will be important in keeping everyone together.

Camera-phone series #6.