24 April 2010

Spring croquet

Taking a very enjoyable 1.5-hour break from transfer pricing, I had tea, nibbled on scones and played croquet for the first time. 

Birds' nests

We like having neighbours to call on.

Gülhane Park, Istanbul.

Ottoman signature

20 April 2010

Downward dog

Credits: Oscar and »mandytay
Downward dog can be such a ton of work:

(a) when you've just rolled out of bed, esp on Saturday at 9 am; or

(b) when your German yoga teacher does a punishing variation of elbows on floor (exactly like Oscar in the photo) and down dog - plank - down dog - plank - down dog - plank...

19 April 2010




18 April 2010

Wizard of Oz with Wicked Pink Floyd

It's American Culture Week at Goodenough and they decided to screen Wizard of Oz for Sunday Morning Coffee. The poster asked you to »download certain Pink Floyd tracks to bring along. What a fantastic idea.

So after a space of 20 years, I watched Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd, coffee and cake on a languid Sunday morning. Technicolours and the hilarious lion tail were worth waking up to. And all the references in Wicked the musical came back with much more meaning now.

Highly recommended.

13 April 2010

Chasing sheep

Cappadocia, Turkey. We chanced upon Mustafa the shepherd. He chased after his flock. We chased after him.

Say hi to them in full-screen »here.