29 December 2010

If a boy must wonder

TFL poem by Leon Yuchin Lau

It took my breath away when I first read it on the tube.  More so, after seeing the Chinese name.  Cantonese British, I had thought.

I finally hunted it down today, and found out to my very pleasant surprise and pride that Leon Yuchin Lau is a teenager from Singapore.  He is one of the »Foyle Young Poets of the Year in 2009.  More of his works »here.

As I have said from time to time here: it is entirely possible for someone with black hair to write well in English.  Well done, Leon.

22 December 2010

20 December 2010

Patina at Dachau

Patina at Dachau
Dachau was a very difficult place for me. (Which may explain why I have put off sorting out the photos for such a long time.) It is not comfortable to come face to face with mankind's capacity for cruelty. It is equally not comfortable to realise that it is not just "them", but it could very well be us who are complicit in such cruelty.

»This is Dachau

South Kensington station, -2°C

Camera-phone series #21.

03 December 2010

The hood and the flat

Camera-phone series #20.

(Good old Sony Ericsson alongside the BB Bold)

02 December 2010

Frosty Oxford Street

11 am last Saturday. New haircut, scrambled eggs from Flat White, carols on a quiet Oxford Street... Heaven.

(1.30 pm. Heaving. Can't wait to escape.)

Camera-phone series #19.

Earlier than me

7.46 am, 0°C.  Someone was out earlier than me.

Camera-phone series #18.