27 April 2011






Camera-phone series #27.   This is the Chilterns on a summer day, »somewhere near the Whipsnade lion.

12 April 2011

Beachy Head reactions

Everyone had a reaction when they heard that I went walking in Beachy Head.

Reaction #1 was the brow furrow from my English colleagues. They asked if I knew what it was famous for. "Jumping off," Ms M told me. "Or driving off for that matter," added Ms S helpfully. Oh.

Reaction #2 was an ooohh-and-ahh from an old classmate on Facebook. But hers was a very specific ooohh and ahhh. In particular, looking at the photo I had posted, she was reminded of the old days when her geography tutor (Mr White - an English) showed them pictures of Beachy Head on a *slide projector*. And presumably in her head, the 100 different geographic terms used to describe erosion must have bubbled in honour of Mr White...

10 April 2011

Beachy Head

Credits: »sameer

Lush green, turqouise blue, chalk white.

Finally, an English seaside that can rival continental Europe and Australia - I was  impressed!

This was my second hike in the south with Tania and Kieren of the »Trailblazer group.  It was the sort of brilliantly sunny spring day that makes you want to order two ice-creams even though you are still hiding behind a jacket.  10 miles of traipsing up and down the hills later, we got to trade strong salty winds and magnificent piles of dung for an ice-cold beer.  Paradise.

Aside: Really need a good small camera for walks as I can hardly haul myself up sometimes, let alone the SLR. Let me see if I can salvage my old Powershot.

05 April 2011

We like having neighbours – Amsterdam redux

Keukenhof Park just outside of Amsterdam.

The first time I spotted many nests on one tree was »also in a tulip park – Istanbul's Gülhane Park. Ever since then, I have made it a habit to look out for nests when I am out walking in winter and spring.