28 March 2011

The Surprise

What a surprise to stumble upon it when walking through Chelsea with Ms C a couple of weeks ago. It was tucked in the middle of the posh residential area, and they were surprisingly down-to-earth.

Camera-phone series #26.

24 March 2011


On that scenic morning with Addison Lee, one of the new places I passed by was the McVitie's head office.  I snapped and emailed it to Mr C who is positively mad about McVitie's.  Turns out that he was just tucking into a pack of their ginger nut biscuits, live.  An ad-worthy moment.

Camera-phone series #25.


Waking up late a few days ago, I took an Addison Lee to work. The driver somehow decided to take the local roads instead of the zippy A40. The scenic route was taking too long, we were stuck behind a whole herd of police horses on their morning stroll, and I was running late.

Normally I would have expressed some displeasure, but I didn't because it was such a treat to be chauffeured around on a sunny morning, seeing new neighbourhoods with half-sleepy eyes. And then, there was a point when a cyclist squeezed between our cab and the horses in order to overtake us.

In that singular moment, transportation across time converged.

12 March 2011

A spring hike in Sussex

I was so impressed that this gadget can even track your elevation in addition to your hiking route.  Refreshingly, this was not done with an iphone.  It is a serious device called »Garmin eTrex Legend HCx which can hold a GPS signal even if in the depths of the woods.

Deep cold water

Deep cold water
With the »British penchant for swimming in cold water, cold requires underscoring.