16 June 2010



这回芬妈妈过来伦敦, 特地炸了江鱼仔,还带了菜心、肉松、面筋、橄榄菜。就连麻油、蚝油和安培娜香米也分成小瓶小袋给我带来了。(我是泰国香米的忠实支持者,去到美国中国英国都不变。)



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14 June 2010

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

We are so happy to have you stay with us in England, but we wish you didn't bring along your friend who thinks revving his Lamborghini* engine around Mecklenburgh Square every midnight is the coolest gig in the world. Please, tell him that Mecklenburgh Square is only 80 metres by 80 metres; it's not impressing any chicks. If you could leave him behind with winter the next time you visit, we would be so delighted - you can stay one more month for free.

Yours truly,

*Unverified. Could be just a Lamborghini-wannabe.

13 June 2010

Frosty the window

A city like this

7.15 pm on a summer Saturday, Bus 55 chugged merrily along. Somewhere near Goodge Street, I stopped daydreaming.

A lady standing on the pavement was earnestly pleading with the bus driver with many variations of 'Please, pleeeease wait, she is coming right now'. Presumably an old folk.

A pause. About twenty pair of eyes waited to see who it was.

But suddenly, the bus started moving. Everyone let out a hugely disapproving 'Ohh!'.

It was so disapproving that the person standing nearest to the bus-driver had to defend him: 'He's just pulling over to wait for her.'

And then a collective 'Ahh'.

Three seconds later, the heroine stepped up onto the bus. The punkish-looking teenage girl nearest to the entrance stood up from her seat.

(I have great respect for punkish-looking folks; they are often the most decent people.)

When I'm 70 and walk like a snail, a city like this is where I'd like to be.

Clarification: London is not the city like this. I'm happy to say I've written several letters over the years (often prompted by my mum) to commend bus drivers in Singapore for their kindness. One particularly stood out. He didn't just stop and wait. He got out of his driver seat, helped the shakey 80-year-old passenger to a seat then got back in to drive on.

06 June 2010

Ridiculously fun

Such a simple idea - buy a parachute sheet, place a 1- to 8-year-old in the middle, get everyone to walk a few circles and PULL!

I wanna be a kid at Goodenough.

05 June 2010

The Tiley and Tolley foot stool

Thank you for everyone's interest. For those not in the know, here's how it looks like. The Tiley and Tolley foot stool is 8" tall and is available for the very reasonable price for £2.  (Original price: £80)