10 March 2006

Say hello to my frog prince!

JAKARTA - I first saw my frog prince in the Vientiane airport two months ago but was too cheapo to pay US$8 for it. Since then I have been thinking about it and trying to look for it in vain.

At last, I found it in Jakarta this time. Kudos to our Indonesian colleague Ms D!

P.S. My frog prince crrroaks when you roll the wooden stick over the ridges on its back! And depending whether you use the fatter or thinner end of the stick, my frog prince changes from a young frog to an old frog. I was so taken in by it because when I was in Japan, there was a frog who was stuck in the pipe of my dorm and it would croak all night. The croaks of this wooden frog prince really reminded me of that pipe frog :)

1 comment:

  1. (reproduced from email) Hey, I checked out your frog prince on your blog - I was so thrilled cos it's the same one I got in Syria! Am surprised they can be found in different parts of the world; am wondering where the real frog princes are!