27 August 2006


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  1. So fun to set up house. Esp when it's your OWN place (and not moving with your parents like I was last year...) On a side note, seeing you can't see your own page, I have to tell you that layout of your blogpage isn't quite right for this post. There's a whole bunch of blank space after the title of this post, and readers have to scroll down a bit before the pictures of your cosy pad start appearing. Anyhow, just thought u might like to know.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and for the note! Actually, thanks to the great benevolence of the CCP (National Day coming? Or it could just be that my ISP is a liberal), I have been able to access blogspot sites for the past 3 weeks. But because I surf using Firefox (at work) and Safari (at home) and they looked perfectly fine there, I didn't notice that our clever IE browser didn't know what to do with images that are slightly too large. In any case, the problem has been temporarily resolved, though with a decrease in resolution. Will fix that once I get home to the comfort of my Mac...

    P.S. I had to recreate your comment 'cos I deleted the original post as part of the troubleshooting process.

  3. giving a shout across the globe. glad to see that you have settled into such a cosy little pad. :-) take good care babe and see you soon! hugzz

  4. Nice house babe! U shld start stockpiling that fridge. Kinda reminds me of my fridge when we had that steamboat/pisco party!