31 October 2006

The women are going places

The women are going places.

First there was me the Shanghai mui. Soon after, Ms T went over to Hong Kong, becoming the dim sum mui, and now Ms Y is in Tokyo, making her the temporary sakura-mui (temporary cos she is only there for two months).

Go ahead and say hello to my fellow muis!

P.S. So where are the men? :)


  1. hiding in the cabs-in-hiding.

  2. Temporary sakura-meiNovember 03, 2006

    Loving every minute of this!

    p/s need to say HI to the on-and-off JKT(for now)-mei also :) HI!!

  3. The men are all married and settled down looking after the kids!

    (reviving what I started long ago)

    Like Miss Y said
    on-and-off JKT Mui

  4. I am here in JKT. I am a man am I not? - Mr L.