20 November 2006

What's been keeping me from my blog and yours

(A) Technical reason

So a few of you have been asking me - ehh, don't see you much on your / my blogs anymore. The reason is the Great Chinese Firewall. It has put a real dampener on my blogging since (a) I had to spend a few days googling for good, alternative (read: convoluted) solutions to blog around the firewall, and (b) I now have to implement these convoluted and limiting means every time I blog. Your blogs are also being kept track of through equally convoluted methods, but you won't be seeing any comments from me for a while, because the comment function requires logging into Blogger Beta and Blogger Beta is a denied site. The best thing is that the Blogger customer support is in denial that Blogger Beta can have a problem when classic Blogger is okay. I now feel penalized for having switched over to Beta... Sigh.

(B) Social reason

Okay, I concede - there is also a social reason. Having made a conscious decision recently to meet more people and get into the nightlife of Shanghai, the month of November has been filled up with social and arts events, which I am quite happy about. The only thing is that in between going out, cooking, sleeping and calling my mum, there isn't much time left for blogging...


  1. My gosh, you're really enjoying life there! The only puzzling thing is, why do you have to cook when you're already going out? Beats the non-cook that's every part of me...

    On the Technical piece, I've also got problems with Blogger beta...lost my profile! So if anyone reading this is thinking of switching, think twice!

  2. Hello Joanne,

    Thanks for visiting my blog again, I am so glad because I lost your blogger link and could not visit your site (it looks like you have had a few problems anyway!)

    You have taken some stunning photos and it looks like you are leading a very happy and rewarding life....good for you!

    To see a rainbow everyday must be great and I am glad I managed to take a photo of the double rainbow here in England before the sun went in.

    Right now it is cold and wet but hopefully summer will soon be here again.....yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Now I have your link Joanne I will visit again soon!

    Kind Regards


  3. You viewed my blog, so you must have mastered some way to get around the firewall!

    Miss L, you sure have a packed schedule this month. Wish I was at your A & J Block Party. Sounds like a great bash.A great way to meet your neighbors!

    And how was the Columbian food at Yiwu? Where is it? Sounds exotic to me.

  4. You mean YiwuLu close to HanzhouLu?