10 July 2008

Nous aimons femmes et carottes

From the scarily deadpan teacher yesterday -

Aimer means love or like. In French, we use aimer for everything - we use it for women, for carrots, everything.

A few minutes later -

We love discrimination in French. Everything is either male or female. There's no logic... Like women, you know. [Continue deadpan look] You ever tried understanding women? DON'T.

I wanted to reply -

No, don't understand... Just love!

1 comment:

  1. you're taking french! I'm trying to continue my spanish using spanishpod.com and if I'm not wrong, there's also french mp3's available too!

    but these french are strange no? first they use aimer for everything and then they say they love to discriminate. maybe it's the french that can't be understood rather than the women they date :P