18 August 2008

Only child

Daddy daddy, don't be angry
Mommy mommy, I'm hungry!

(My first time back in the zoo in probably 10 years)


  1. Ahhh, u went to the zoo! Visited Ah Meng's grave?
    Did u visit the night safari as well? The last time I went to the Night Safari was with you and the Peruvians! I still recall a little green snake we saw and urm, elephants enjoying each other's company by the moonlight. :)

  2. The story of the night safari, cindy is one which all FTA negotiators know, albeit too well...the green snake gets a little contrived espy when you're at your tenth night safari visit as LO to foreign delegations!

    Praise the MTI night safari card!

    But yet, bfast with orang utans is enchanting..