15 September 2009

Death by commoditisation and supermaketisation

It occurred to me that I should make a conscious effort to buy from independent stores rather than faceless supermarket chains and 7-11s - the lone stationery store across the road, the old newspaper man by the corner...

It occured to me that if we don't make a conscious change in our lifestyle choices and only lament at the demise of "those charming little shops", then we should have no one to blame but ourselves.

- 14 May 2009, Soho in Hong Kong


  1. i support this effort. if we stop patronizing these charming little shops, they will disappear in no time...

    - duck

  2. Alternatively, I was thinking today that everyone in the neighbourhood who cares about indie shops can put $x into a common pot of money and this can be used to subsidize their rent or something. Of course, how you distribute this pot of money among the different shops is going to be a problem.