03 January 2010

A shrimp paste and salted vegetable life

To describe a hard life, you liken it in my country to the lowest of everyday food, i.e. belachan (Malay for shrimp paste) and 咸菜 (Chinese for salted vegetables).

Hence, nasib belachan and 咸菜命 (typically pronounced as 'giam chai mya' in the Hokkien dialect as salted vegetables is common to Hokkien dishes.)

Both are delicious by the way. Ooo, I am just six weeks away from them!

Credit to the very funny Ms A for sharing her phrase.


  1. Impressive!!

  2. belachan, is the dried small shrimp ? (bright red color?) :D

  3. bright red is cencalok, usually in bottles! :D belachan is brown and produced in blocks/cubes.

  4. Joanne's friend, Arlina : thanks so much for info ! :D