03 December 2006

Five degrees Celsius

Five degrees Celsius
Naked ears cold
Woollen neck warm.

Sunlight streaming through the leaves
Water dripping in the distance
I take each step,

The calf muscle awakes,
Then sets in motion:
Right –
Heel, arch, toes
Left –
Heel, arch, toes.

I stop in front of the cockroach
Shape barely discernible
Now a cold empty shell.
I close my eyes in prayer:
One day
We shall be Buddhas together.

The meditation bell chimes
The cold air reverberates
Three birds flutter through the sky.

One deep breath
Two gentle smiles.


  1. Wow! Joanne, is that your poem? if so then it is lovely, I could almost breath the cold air!

    I hope you are well, are you celebrating Christmas?? I am not sure if you do.

    Must go to bed now so chat to you soon!

    Kind Regards


  2. Hello Martin, good to see you again! Yes, it was my little burst of inspiration. Was a super cold day, but was very nice to be so aware of the cold, and yourself. Try walking meditation sometime to see if you like it :)