01 January 2007

Ciao 2006

Having decided not to pay the exorbitant 450 - 900 RMB (S$90-180) for entry into a bar, I decided to cook up a storm for people who were willing to brave it:

Soup of the Day
Piping-Hot Miso Soup

Chilled Amuse Bouches
Hmong Fish Sauce Noodles
Japanese Zaru Soba
Chinese Vermicelli with Sha Cha Sauce

Out-of-the-Pot Spaghetti in Tomato and Mushroom Base
Singaporean Beef Rendang

Lizzy's Amazing Fudge
Lizzy's Even More Amazing Ambrosia

Ross' Gorgeous Cheese, Olives and Breadstick Platter
Jose's Spanish Olives and Anchovies

Fireworks in the taxi on the way to the bund
A beautiful walk down the river for the buildings that kept their lights on for us
Topped off with gin and tonic when the lights went out...


  1. Hi Jo,

    Happy New Year!
    Impressed by the design of your invite, more impressed by your menu.

    Promised Miss Y that we should do a cookout laksa session when you are back in Feb for CNY.


  2. I see.....

    Only italians were missing, all the rest perfect: nice card and amazing menu.

    Buon Anno!

  3. Of course the Italians were there - via the spaghetti which had the grand honour of being the only dish cooked on the spot as you have painstakingly instructed :)

    Flora, my laksa skills is limited to the Prima box recipe, so I will watch you work your magic instead!