03 January 2007

Right foot, wrong eye!

Played my first game of squash in Shanghai (and at 9 am at that for a sleepyhead like me) after arriving for 5 months. Starting the new year on the right foot, I thought to myself as I patted my imaginary shoulders.

Then this guy comes along to the squash court behind us, and in the tiny rest area between the two squash courts, starts changing out of his streetwear. For most people who wear their sports gear beneath their jackets and track pants, this is fine. But as I was picking up the ball and walking back to serve, I saw this guy strip to his bare skin at the top. (No, he was no hunk.)

Raise one eyebrow. Never mind, somebody's feeling hot, and maybe I missed the news that 2007 is the year of liberation.

A few more strokes and I missed the ball again. As I picked up the ball a second time, I saw this guy stripped to his briefs.


Wait a minute, is it now acceptable to treat a rest area like a men's room? Did I just sleep 2 decades away in the night? Sure, you have funky black briefs with sparkly silver stripes across, but seriously,we don't need to know that...

Starting the new year on the right foot, but certainly on a wrong eye...


  1. Not hard to tell that you didn't think the fella was anything close to eye candy...

  2. Please don't begrudge the flaunting and efficient male. I have witnessed flabby skin over-runneth with teats that hung low as a cow's. Now that's a crime.

  3. May be your squash partner paid the guy to strip so that you let more balls go, letting your partner win the game……

  4. So you noticed me! I bet the sparkly black briefs caught your eye (I know they caught mine when I took them off due to the strong elastic pinging them back in to my face!)

    It was not me, I lie! Any way, tight black briefs and squash balls come to mind!

    I hope you are well and your New Years Eve menu made me rather hungry, it sounded yummy!

    Bye for now!

    Kind Regards