09 January 2008

Word of the Day - Sheep's Eyes

sheep's eyes (sheepz eyez) noun

Shy amorous glances.

[The origin of the term is uncertain. Various theories attribute the term to Gaelic or any of the various Germanic languages. It has also been suggested that the term refers to the docile appearance of a sheep's eyes.]

"When office temp Carolina Santos developed a crush on a man at the Brazilian oil company where she was working, she did rather more than merely make sheep's eyes at him."
- David Randall; Fatal Attraction; The Independent on Sunday (London, UK); Jan 29, 2006.

lol! That was my decade-long »AWAD mailing list today.

Post-script: According to an Italian reader who responded to the mailing list, the analogous Italian term for this is "occhi di triglia" = mullet's eyes.

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