28 November 2009

Radio call

[Embedded video of Night on Earth trailer - click on original post to view]

I love the crackling sound of the radio call that was so common in cabs 20 years ago.

It took me a while to recall my father's radio call code name when I was watching the film, but I finally did. It was 42. As he was often late in picking me up when I was a child, I used to make many a calls to the radio call station from a public phone, asking the operator to transmit a message for 42 to hurry. I remember the operators' voices - there were a few of them, nearly all women except for the boss, who occasionally helped out during peak hours - and the anticipation in guessing their faces when my father took me to the radio station during Chinese New Year period one time.

A very well-done film by the way. The »soundtrack is by Tom Waits. I've just entered a contest for opening tickets to »Jarmusch's latest film. I hope I win it.


  1. larling's got my contest germ. ;)

  2. Yes, but I just got the email that said I didn't win it :'(

  3. Back on the rosbeef side?

  4. Yes... And sorely missing foie gras in creme brulee style! Thank you again for the treat.

  5. No worries. It was my pleasure to see you again and show you my Paris... Enjoying Sushi this week... Good but not as good as foie gras ;-)