24 February 2010

Lion dance

Seeing one always makes me beam. I love their flirty ears and eyes.

Ms L was telling me yesterday that the ones in London's Chinatown had problems coordinating their legs. I told her that I once saw a lion dance where they just spit out the oranges wholesale like cannonballs.

P.S. You can't see it in the video, but one of the cymbals guys is an Indian. That's Singapore for you.


  1. yes I love their flirty ears and eyes too ! I watch lion dances for these and... their bottoms which are very cutesy as they prance about. hehe !

  2. The bottoms of course! (I thought of it too but didn't want to offend anyone's sensibilities too much ;)) I love that Michelle hired lion dance for her wedding. Will you do it also? :)

  3. haha ! looks like british sensibility has rubbed off on you. didn't think of it... mmh let's see !