12 April 2011

Beachy Head reactions

Everyone had a reaction when they heard that I went walking in Beachy Head.

Reaction #1 was the brow furrow from my English colleagues. They asked if I knew what it was famous for. "Jumping off," Ms M told me. "Or driving off for that matter," added Ms S helpfully. Oh.

Reaction #2 was an ooohh-and-ahh from an old classmate on Facebook. But hers was a very specific ooohh and ahhh. In particular, looking at the photo I had posted, she was reminded of the old days when her geography tutor (Mr White - an English) showed them pictures of Beachy Head on a *slide projector*. And presumably in her head, the 100 different geographic terms used to describe erosion must have bubbled in honour of Mr White...

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