01 May 2006

An honorary archaeology degree for the hermit crab

SIBU ISLAND, MALAYSIA - Who would have thought that a creature as small as this...

small hermit crab
...has the ability to dig so much and create sand patterns as mysterious as these?

sand pattern 3___ sand pattern 2

sand pattern 1 ___ sand pattern 4

May all archaeologists be equally enthusiastic diggers like the hermit crab! :D

The sun, the sea and my sandy feet

An idyllic Labour Day weekend on Sibu Island...

red rock sky

one cloud sky

my sandy feet


  1. Mr D (via email)May 03, 2006

    Your website is amazing ... as usual. I am afraid that i am not artistically talented as the Hermit crab (my units are quite geometric!) ... but we have some similarity since since digging in far away places is a bit living like an Hermit ... :) If only it could be next to the beach!

  2. excuse my ignorant self, where is sibu island?

  3. Shu! How nice to see you! It's in Malaysia - 3 hours from S'pore :)