01 May 2006

Poor Mr Merlion

Am I getting patriotic, losing my sense of humour or is this ad just plain rude?

Faithful readers of this blog, time to tell me if I am getting neurotic / old-fashioned - hit the comment button pls...


  1. I saw that in the Economist. Thought it was quite funny. :)

  2. Maybe it is because I cannot see all the small type or maybe it is a cultural thing, but I don't get it. I don't see the humor nor do I understand the offense.

  3. The context is that both countries are trying to pitch themselves as the best investment location. And depending on whether sense of patriotism or humour prevails, it can be either funny or rather arrogant...

  4. Well, Mr. M could also stop spitting and see it as a compliment. Korean dude seems to recognize that Mr. M is the premier location for investments and would like to topple him. Good luck trying! :P