19 March 2010

Straight-talking London

I was half an hour late for an appointment today because there were severe delays on the Picadilly Line.  The announcement said that this was "due to a person under a train at Wood Green station".

Not "problem", not "accident", but "person under a train".

Right.  That's a bit too vivid for me bright and early in the morning.

It's the second time I have come across this.  The first time, I had read it on a notice board like »this and it left me disturbed for the night.  Apparently between the tube and rail, there is at least one occurrence in the UK every day.

Postscript: I have just read about an iPhone app that expedites refund applications for tube delay.  I didn't know that TfL offer »refunds for tube delays of more than 15 minutes that are within their control.  Maybe that's why they are so blunt.  Sorry, not our fault this time.  Don't bother with the refund.

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