08 December 2009

Back to some normacy - started cooking again

»Nikujaga at midnight is the preferred poison.

Galfriends rock!

Ladurée in London doesn't.  CHEWY, eww.  I'll never eat macarons here again.  Stick only to the »Ladurée in Paris, and definitely try »Pierre Hermé there as well.


  1. happy to hear that sis ;))
    ps. I will introduce you one friend tomorrow. She really love sweet things like you ;)) ..don't know whether you like ice-creme? my friend said thonston's caramel ice-creme is so nice ..I have never tried but I think you'll like it :)

  2. I like Pierre Herme (there's a shot of the amazing store front in Maki's Facebook shots of Paris from last week) but find the fillings a bit buttery and think, at heart, am a Laduree girl. Didn't know that they weren't so good here. Interesting. I was tres disappointed when I saw that they were being sold in the Topshop basement in Oxford Street. Just didn't seem right!

  3. Topshop basement! C'est terrible! They really need to do something about their London franchise. Do not, simply do not, attempt to eat the ones from Harrods. They are not just "not so good", they are outright wrong. 2 out of the 3 I had were über chewy, worse than what I can find in Singapore.

    Where is the picture of the Pierre Hermé store front in your album? I can only see the one with beckoning ooze of the macaron fillings...

  4. Aah yes, they were from Pierre's (Maki ate about 10 and was ill). The storefront is the photo of the transformer toy attacking some sort of complicated cake.