27 December 2009


orangina 1972 poster
orangina 1974 poster
My Orangina craving began exactly a month ago from today, when I visited Paris for a weekend. To my horror, I didn't find the classic glass bottle during my entire stay. I eventually succumbed to a tin can *cringe* on the Eurostar back.

Back in London, it seems that only the Apostrophe sandwich shops (and Paul bakeries too it seems - thanks Ms M) stock the glass bottle ones, at £1.50 a pop.

So, I have just placed an order for 2 cases from a wholesaler. Eagerly awaiting their arrival.

P.S. The illustrator of these posters is the rather famous Bernard Villemot. Orangina has a »lovely shrine of its iconic posters and TV ads through the decades.


  1. I've been an Orangina Fan since I was a kid... You should have told me your craving when you were in Paris I would have got you a case.

    You forgot the Orangina commercial Saga in your post. It's probably some of the funiest commercials I ever seen. Here is a few links you should like (plus it will make you practice your French).




  2. You're a tough French teacher Pierre... I will have to watch these ads a few times!

    P.S. Waiting for my case of Orangina to arrive... If it doesn't, I'll call you :)