29 December 2009

Roasted winter vegetables

My contribution to Christmas lunch. 3 kg (probably more) of potatoes, parsnips, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peppers and onions sound like a lot, but once roasted, they shrink and are very dense. That pan there is only 9 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

Rosemary and sage add such wonderful dimensions to roasted vegetables. I think I want to attack a swede (the plant, not the nationality) next time.


  1. .... and here I was trying to make a Jamie Oliver stew that called for butternut squash and parsnips (plus real herbs - and optional artichokes!) and I was wondering - blardy hell, why cant he use vegetables I can buy at a local supermkt?! Enjoy the veges =)

  2. Darling, how did you do this? It looks beautiful! Just roast?

  3. U cooking for us anytime soon? Yum :)

  4. @Sidat: lol, I'm surprised he hasn't come up with a cookbook using Asian ingredients!

    @Cindy & Flora: Yes, just chop, massage with olive oil, salt, rosemary and sage, lay out in *single layer* on baking tray and roast at *400ºF* for 40-60 min (less for delicate vegs, more for starchy ones.) Open oven half-way and flip them over to avoid burning. Repeat till all vegs are gone. Really simple; the worst part is the peeling and chopping, so enlist the husband's help!

  5. woww, look very yummy :D
    ps. I love its color too ;)